Kate and Mason travel a lot, not only because they’re adventurous people, but because Mason is a flight attendant in the process of acquiring his pilot’s license! To celebrate this exciting element of their relationship, our couple planned a flight themed wedding at the most logical venue they could find – The National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA! A flight attendant friend announced them as they walked down the aisle, where their officiant Mark gave a first class service, which included a unique and personalized coffee tasting ceremony. The Aviary brought out their local celebrities, including Bette the Penguin, for a personal meet and greet with Kate and Mason before they made their way to the reception with music and dancing courtesy of DJ Mad Maxx. This beautiful event was orchestrated by the amazing Aviary staff and Lauren from Something Blue Events. Kate’s hair and makeup by wonderful Chelsea Szost at Glamorous Productions.

Kate & Mason’s Flight Themed Wedding at the National Aviary

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