There's a special character to Pittsburgh that we love, a combination of old and new that inspires us. We try to capture that sense of timelessness in our photos of our couples. 

Finding inspiration in our city and its people is a big part of what motivates us to keep growing as artists and storytellers. We would love the opportunity to tell your story! Click here to learn more.

A native duo of pittsburgh wedding photographers.

Hey, we're ryan + kate.

I have two cats, Timmy and Amelia! Both are very chatty and follow me everywhere (except to work.) I love old movies. They’re some of my biggest inspirations for my photography. Favorites include No Country For Old Men, The Godfather, and anything Hitchcock. I read a lot! My favorite writer is Joan Didion, but I tend to love any sort of long form journalism. I got really into using my film cameras when I lived in Los Angeles, and now that I’m in Pittsburgh I love going to Pittsburgh Center For The Arts to take classes and use the darkroom!

I really found my passion with photography while traveling in Europe in 1994 and then again with friends in 2000, using every roll of film that I brought with me each time. I like to listen to Def Leppard while I edit weddings! I grew up playing percussion in all sorts of different bands ranging from jazz to rock to a classical orchestra. I currently own a massive drum kit.
My favorite goodies from the cookie table are buckeyes. 
To see my commercial photography, graphic design work, and other adventures through photos, click here!

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Best of Zola 2023
Best of Zola 2023

Do you ever get screen fatigue? That constant sense of distraction and overstimulation that can come from looking at computers and phones all day? That’s part of what pushed us to start using film at the weddings we photograph. There’s a sense of calm, quiet, and privacy that comes from using an off-the-grid technology like analog film. Plus, nothing replicates the color, texture, and dynamic range of film. 

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