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It all comes down to the smallest details.

One of the most important things to pay attention to when you’re choosing a photographer is how they make you feel when you’re around them! That’s why our process starts with a conversation. We’ll schedule a video or in-person meeting to chat and get to know you, and you’ll be able to get a sense of your comfort level with us, too. 

A look into our process.

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Our next step is to learn more about you and your relationship. How you show your love for each other will help us know what special moments to look out for during your engagement session and wedding day. Consider it a little research project on our part. :)


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Next we spend some time thinking about the aesthetic of your wedding! This might include a visit to your venue if its a new location for us. This will help us decide what to pack in our bags for your big day. Color film? Black and white? Additional lighting for dramatic and fun portraits and reception photos? We plan all of that out ahead of time. 


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Finally, we photograph your wedding day! We spend a lot of time watching for those special moments throughout the day. You could say we become part of your crew, but our main job to is keep an eye out for anything special, meaningful, joyful, and romantic that happens and to document it truthfully! 


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Six to eight weeks after your wedding, we’ll schedule a time to deliver all your selected film and digital photos! At this time, we’ll show you book and frame options for displaying and enjoying your artwork. Kate is a fine art framer as well as a photographer, so she can give you lots of ideas for the best ways to incorporate your photos into your home and life. 


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frequently asked questions

First of all, your wedding day is all about you, your love story, and the friends and family you invite to join you on the beginning of your journey into married life! Congratulations! You’ve planned a special day, and we want you to enjoy yourselves. Our job, as we see it, is to document you, your relationship to each other, and your relationships with every person at your wedding! 

We’ll work with you, your planner, dj, band, and venue to plan a wedding timeline that guarantees that you’ll have fun and we’ll get the photos that are so special to you.Portraits are an excellent opportunity to relax and take a break from the party, and we’ll set time aside to do that and make sure that you’re comfortable and well hydrated and fed (which is something people tend to forget about on their wedding days!) Otherwise, we’ll let you remain fully immersed in your wedding experience. 

Yep! We are obsessed with film and film cameras and we make sure we use at least three rolls of film at every wedding we photograph. Interested in more? Do you want film at specific times of the day, like getting ready or the ceremony? Talk to us! We offer additional film packages for all of our weddings and can plan a special approach for you. 

We absolutely love cookies, especially buckeyes, chocolate no-bakes, and baklava. (Yes, we are both from Pittsburgh!)

We’ll say it a million times, you have to print those photos! Prints on archival, acid free paper are the safest bet when it comes to preserving and enjoying your photos. We offer a great selection of printed photos, frames, and photo albums in our online store that comes with your wedding gallery! Everything there is guaranteed to make you smile.

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