Laura and Aaron’s April 1st wedding in 2017 was one of our first weddings that we shot largely on film. This is something that I had wanted to do since I moved back to Pittsburgh from California in 2015 and started photographing weddings again. It was a big adjustment coming from sunny Southern California to learn to meter my shots for the much darker skies of Western PA, but I’ve come to love the moody nature of these beautiful springtime photos.

My favorite times of day to bring out my film cameras (a 35mm Pentax K1000 and a Contax 645 and Mamiya 645 for the photography nerds out there) are while the couple are getting ready and during the portraits. These are naturally slower paced, more relaxed times of the day when the couple are more absorbed in their emotions for each other than they are about me! I can take my time and capture some truly personal and intimate moments without anyone noticing I’m there. A nice example of this is Laura’s mom fluffing the veil in the window of the hotel room. I love how dreamy and nostalgic that little moment is right before Laura gets dressed and transforms into the bride.

We’re excited for the coming season and the opportunity to capture new special moments on our film cameras. We love making a product that’s tangible, with a timelessness and natural beauty that can’t be upstaged. Check out more of Laura and Aaron’s special day in the photos below.

Venue is Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

35mm and 120 film processed by Indie Film Lab and scanned by me, Kate Hagerty

A Wedding On Film At Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens

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