Pre-Wedding Day Questionnaire

This survey is designed to get all the details for wedding photography to go absolutely as planned.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Wedding Date

Partner 1’s Name

Partner 1’s Phone Number

Partner 2’s Name

Partner 2’s Phone Number

At which address is Partner 1 doing their hair and makeup?

Where will the Partner 1 be putting on her dress? (if different from hair & makeup address).

What time is the bride’s hair & makeup scheduled to start?

This let’s us know approximately how much time we’ll have to photography you putting on your dress.

This is so we know who to expect on the big day and who to get those beautiful, candid photos of.

Bride and Groom’s future address

We’ll use this address, unless instructed otherwise, for sending your prints included in your wedding photography package.

Where will the groom be getting ready?

What time will the groom be getting ready?

Master of Ceremony’s Name

Master of Ceremony’s phone number

Wedding planner’s name

Wedding planner’s phone number

Are you planning to see each other for a “first look” before the ceremony?

This is also helpful for planning for locations other than the immediate ceremony and reception areas.

Who’s getting everyone together for portraits?

Location for the wedding ceremony

Ceremony start time

Ceremony end time

Will there be a receiving line after the ceremony?

What’s the officiant’s name?

Who is your contact for the ceremony location?

What’s their phone number?

What’s the reception location?

Reception start time:

Reception end time:

Who’s your contact for the reception location?

What’s their phone number?

Videographer’s name

Videographer’s phone number


Would you like photographs of your rings and invitations?

Honeymoon (going)

Honeymoon (returning)

Are you working with a wedding planner?

Wedding planner’s phone number:


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